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NTK Consulting Group was founded by a team of expert consultants experienced in investment and intellectual property area, who have been working many years for Vietnam top law firms and companies, to meet the urgent need of the Vietnam economy, and at the same time to seize new opportunities when Vietnam has fully integrated with the world economy.

Keen on contributing to Vietnam's economic renovation and integration since our participation in this field of practice, founding members of NTK have become one of the leading Investment Consultancy and Intellectual Property Group in Vietnam to gain trust and confidence from international and domestic investors and public administration agencies alike. NTK actively participates in the following fields:

  • Legal Advice Services;

  • Investment and Business Consultancy;

  • Intellectual Property Attorney.

NTK also constantly explores and expands other professional investment and intellectual property consultancy services in order to assist its clients maximize profits and minimize risks in their investment - business activities in the face of challenges posed by the total integration of the Vietnamese economy into the global economic sphere.

In upholding its 15 years of experience serving a large clientele operating in all economic sectors and coming from most countries and territories currently conducting business and investment in Vietnam, NTK’s many founding members, lawyers and specialists working in its offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City always do their best to provide our clients with the most professional, reliable and quality service, made possible by insights into each client’s business needs and demands and our deep understanding of Vietnam’s legal - investment and business environment.

Guided by the principle of always putting forth comprehensive and optimal solutions specific to clients’ demands, strictly observing quality, timeline and price agreements, and working towards long-term relationships, NTK is your reliable partner. We help investors in and outside of Vietnam to maximize profits and minimize investment and business risks while investing in Vietnam.