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NTK Intellectual Property Law Firm is a part of NTK Consulting Group with lawyers and specialists having excellence experience and practice in intellectual property area, who had been working many years for Vietnam top law firms and companies.

Fully comprehending all practices, professions and legal’s systems on industrial property in particular, and on intellectual property area in general of Vietnam and many other countries in the world, NTK’s lawyers and specialists have been successfully provided representative and consultancy services for many domestic and foreign clients in all respects of intellectual property area. NTK’s main practices in intellectual property area include:

Counseling and representing clients before the competent authorities to carry out procedures for effective establishment and protection of intellectual property rights (for example, inventions, designs, trademarks, copyright, etc.) in Vietnam as well as abroad, including without limitation of preparation of filling application, drafting specifications, prosecution of applications, opposing and defending the grant of any protective titles, etc.;

Counseling clients to carry out necessary procedures in right and full as required, to collect in full all information and proofs/evidences to settle any dispute or breach of intellectual property rights;

Providing information in intellectual property area, including protective statement and registrability of IP subjects in Vietnam as well as abroad, updating information with new developments on IP law and other concerning legal areas;

Counseling and representing clients in the negotiation and preparation and drafting of licensing and/or assignment agreements of industrial property rights and of technology transfer contracts; Recordal of Assignments, Licensing Agreements and Technology Transfer Contracts at the State competent authorities;

Making claims/complains upon there is any infringement to protect legitimate rights and interests of intellectual property holders;

Counseling on evaluations and assessments of IP assets for domestic and foreign business and other IP related legal matters;

Cooperating with competent authorities to carry out procedures to deal with infringements on IP in order to ensure holder’s legitimate rights and interests.

In upholding their 15 years of experience working for Vietnam top law firms and companies in intellectual property area in particular, and legal area in general, NTK’s many lawyers and specialists have been successful counseling and executing many legal procedures in IP area for a series of huge corporations and companies such as Yamaha Corp., Johnson & Johnson Corp., The Procter & Gamble Co., PepsiCo, Gillette, Duracell, Motorola Inc., etc.

Effectively assisting of partners and advisers have varied legal, financial and technical backgrounds, who had been working for Academies, Universities, Institutes at Hanoi, Danang and Ho Chi Minh city, as well as abroad, NTK’s consulting and IP attorney services also being more expanded with a comprehensive information management system which has been reasonably designed and updated. Not only providing existing services, NTK also constantly explores, expands and enhances its professional consultancy and IP attorney services in both quality and effectiveness in order to assist its clients obtaining more successes during their investment, manufacture, business and development.